Toray at a Glance

What are Toray's Business Categories?

Toray's five segments "Fibers & Textiles", "Performance Chemicals", "Carbon Fiber Composite Materials", "Environment & Engineering", and "Life Science" are categorized into three major business categories.

Core Growth Driving

Stable business expansion and
profit growth

Core Growth Driving Businesses

Strategically Expanding

Strategic and aggressive business expansion
Drivers of earnings growth over the medium- and long-term

Strategically Expanding Businesses

Intensively Developing
and Expanding Businesses

Nurture as the next core earning sources

Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses

* Performance Chemicals Segment is mainly categorized under the Core Growth Driving Businesses,
  and partially categorized under the Strategically Expanding Businesses

What are Toray's Major Products?

Fibers & Textiles

Filament yarns, staple fibers spunyarns, woven and knitted fabrics of nylon, polyester, and acrylics; non-woven fabrics; ultra-microfiber non-woven fabric with suede texture; apparel products, etc.

Fibers & Textiles


Resins and molded products, polyolefin foam; films and processed film products; raw materials for synthetic fibers and plastics; fine chemicals; veterinary medicine; IT-related products; graphic materials; etc.

Performance Chemicals

Carbon Fiber
Composite Materials

Carbon Fibers, carbon fiber composite materials and related molded products, etc.

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

Environment &

Comprehensive engineering; condominiums; industrial equipment and machinery; IT-related equipment; water treatment membranes and realted equipment; materials for housing, building, and civil engineering applications, etc.

Environment & Engineering

Life Science

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.

Life Science

What is Toray's Business Performace Trend?

Toray Group will focus on the images in and around 2020 and will continually increase revenues and profits through business expansion in growth business fields, countries, and regions and by continually strengthening cost competitiveness.

Net Sales

Net Sales

Operating Income

Operating Income

What is Toray's Corporate Vision?

Toray has formulated 10 year long-term vision and 3-5 year mid-term mangagement programs, constantly revising and pursuing management reform.
From April 2011, long-term corporate vision AP-Growth 2020 (Abbr. Vision 2020) has been implemented,
and Project AP-G 2019 is currently in progress as its third stage.

What is Toray's Corporate Vision?