Toray's Businesses

Toray group consists of five segments.

Fibers & Textiles

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Toray's fibers & textiles business has all three major synthetic fibers-nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Our product line-up fulfills a vast array of needs, from filament yarns, staple fibers, textiles, and garments, to industrial material applications.

Performance Chemicals

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This segment consists of business areas such as resins/chemicals, films, and electronic & information materials, and contains products such as resin compound for automotive use, lithium-ion battery separator film, OLED related materials.

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

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Toray supplies PAN-based carbon fibers for aerospace applications, industrial applications including environment and energy fields, and sports applications. Toray will continue to expand its business and solidify its position as the world's leading manufacturer of carbon fiber.

Environment & Engineering

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This segment includes reverse-osmosis water membranes which Toray has the world's leading position, seawater desalination systems, wastewater recycling systems, plant and engineering businesses, and housing-related businesses.

Life Science

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Toray's expansion of the life science business is based on three business areas : pharmaceuticals, medical devices such as dialyzers, and bio-tools such as DNA chips.