Toray's Strengths

Toray's Technology

Toray Group, by deepening and integrating four core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, will pursue innovation and play an active role in the development of society, as well as conservation of the environment, and aims to be the global leader in advanced materials.

Toray's Technical Fields

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Materialdesign  Polymer Chemistry, Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology Fiber Technology Textile Technology Fine Technology Carbonization Technology Molding Technology Film Technology Film Processing Technology Dispersion Control Technology Coating Technology Fine Patterning Microstructure Technology Surface Control Technology Gene Utilization Technology Medicinal Technology Fermentation Technology Synthetic Fibers Textiles, Apparel Industrial Materials, Amenity Materials Ultra-Microfiber Non-woven Fabric with Suede Texture Carbon Fibers Advanced Composite Materials Engineering Plastics High-performance Films and Processed Film Products Electronic Materials Printing Materials High-performance Membranes, Water Treatment Systems Artificial Organs, Medical Devices Biotools Pharmaceuticals Veterinary Medicines, Fine Chemicals Synthetic, Plastic Raw Materials