Cash Dividend Results

Fiscal Year Interim
(Dividend payment date: early December)
(Dividend payment date: late June)
FY Mar/2020 The 139th 8.0yen 8.0yen (plan) 16.0yen (plan)
FY Mar/2019 The 138th 8.0yen 8.0yen 16.0yen
FY Mar/2018 The 137th 7.0yen 8.0yen 15.0yen
FY Mar/2017 The 136th 7.0yen 7.0yen 14.0yen
FY Mar/2016 The 135th 6.0yen 7.0yen 13.0yen
FY Mar/2015 The 134th 5.0yen 6.0yen 11.0yen
FY Mar/2014 The 133rd 5.0yen 5.0yen 10.0yen
FY Mar/2013 The 132nd 5.0yen 5.0yen 10.0yen
FY Mar/2012 The 131st 5.0yen 5.0yen 10.0yen
FY Mar/2011 The 130th 2.5yen 5.0yen 7.5yen