CSR Guidelines & Activity Reports - Social Contribution Activities

Science and Technology PromotionPriority Areas

Social Initiatives

In its long-term corporate vision, Toray Group has outlined a corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products,” which the Group delivers on by practicing innovation. In order to continuously deliver innovation, the Group must secure and develop talented human resources. From the long-term perspective, the Group fosters human development by providing research grants and supports science education through Toray Science Foundation and Toray science foundations outside Japan, to raise interest in science.

Supporting Science in the Classroom

Since 2007, Toray Group has been sending employees to teach in science classes at elementary and junior high schools in local communities. As part of an effort to familiarize children with science, the Group has developed a science workshop program utilizing its products as educational materials. The Group currently implements four programs and provides teacher with free educational materials for science experiments, which are used in teacher development courses at universities. In recent years, the Group has also been cooperating with teacher training efforts by providing opportunities for teachers to learn about advanced materials and technologies.

Toray Group Workshops / Teaching Material Supply Programs

Topic Program name Target No. of hours
Science experiment Thinking about water filtration and the global environment Fifth-year elementary school students 2 hours
Learning about particles in water First-year junior high school students 1 hour
Environmental education Water treatment membrane and global environmental issues Six-year elementary school students 1 hour
Advanced materials and global environmental issues : Materials can change our lives Third-year junior high school students 1 hour
  • Note: In science experiment programs, Toray Group supplies schools with lab materials, as well.

The educational materials are available in three languages: Japanese, English, and Thai. Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. (CMA) and Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd. (TTS) launched their own science class programs in 2012 and 2015, respectively, adjusting the content to their needs. The programs are having a positive impact on communities and helping to build positive relations. From 2012 through 2018, more than 1,700 students have participated in CMA’s programs, which are increasingly in demand as they gain further recognition among local schools.

“Before I joined CMA at the end of 2017, I was very impressed to hear from my son that CMA conducted a science workshop at his junior high school. I hope we will continue to implement these activities.” – Joyce Moore (at left in photo), Human Resources Department

“We believe that having employees from various departments interact with children in the classroom and having students learn about CMA’s technological innovations are extremely valuable for Toray Group. Our employees enjoy it, and I am very proud of these activities myself.” – Kazumi Kawamura, Manager, General Affairs Department (at right in photo)

Satisfaction with Science Classes (Questionnaire Results)

  • School Teachers Satisfied with Science ClassesSchool Teachers Satisfied with Science Classes
  • Experience of Toray Group InstructorsExperience of Toray Group Instructors
School Teachers Satisfied with Science Classes

In fiscal 2018, Toray Group sent employees to teach science classes at a total of 16 schools in and outside Japan (for a total of 45 schools when combined with the Group's environmental classes). Toray Group also supplied lab equipment and teaching materials to schools across Japan and cooperated on teacher training in Tokyo. The driving forces behind the continuation of initiatives to support education are the satisfaction gained by the employees involved and the motivation they get from it.

  • Conducting a science class (Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd.)Conducting a science class (Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd.)
  • Teacher training in Tokyo conducted with cooperation  (Toray Industries, Inc.)Teacher training in Tokyo conducted with cooperation (Toray Industries, Inc.)

Collaborating on Science Events

In response to requests from local communities, Toray Group participates in and collaborates on a variety of activities designed to increase interest in science, technology, and manufacturing.

Summer Riko-challe1 2018 Science Event Sponsored by Toray Industries

  • High school girls get firsthand research experience (Toray Research Center, Inc., Global Environment Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc.).High school girls get firsthand research experience (Toray Research Center, Inc., Global Environment Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc.).
  1. 1 Riko-challe is an initiative established by the Gender Equality Bureau division of the Japanese Cabinet Office to provide support for junior high and high school girls who are interested in science and engineering, designed to help them envision their future and choose career paths in those fields.

Initiatives in Mexico

Special Class by Daddies

“Special Class by Daddies” held at the Japanese School of Guadalajara, Jalisco State, Mexico (Zoltek de México, S.A. de C.V., Toray Advanced Textile Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Toray Resin Mexico, S.A. de C.V.)

Initiatives in the United States

Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.

Employees participate in these science events for local children (Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.)

Workshops at the Science Museum

Since 2012, Toray Industries, Inc. has conducted workshops at the Science Museum located in Kitanomaru Park in Tokyo, every day that the museum is open. In fiscal 2018, more than 6,000 people ranging from young children to adults attended the two workshops, which examined filtration and the importance of water, and the amazing properties of fibers.

Sponsoring the Japan Biology Olympiad

Four students from Japan (photo courtesy of Organization of Japan Biology Olympiad Committee)Four students from Japan (photo courtesy of Organization of Japan Biology Olympiad Committee)

Since 2007, Toray Industries has supported Japanese senior high school students to attend the International Biology Olympiad through arrangements made by the Japan Science Foundation. Four Japanese students attended the 29th Olympiad, held in Iran in July 2018, winning two silver and two bronze medals.

Held Aozora Science School

Campers made their own customized rocketsCampers made their own customized rockets

In 2015, Toray Industries started the Aozora Science School2 to foster youth interest in science through exposure to nature. The programming changes every year to provide campers with a fun menu of activities that combine nature and science. The campers conducted an experiment to filter impurities from lake water, learned biomimetics by observing nature in the forest, and played volleyball by applying scientific principles.

  1. 2 Aozora Science School is a hands-on educational camp designed by Toray Industries, supervised by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and provided by JTB Corporation.