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Implementing CSR Activities and Improving CSR Education


Organizational Structure for Social Responsibility

The CSR Committee is headed by the chief social responsibility officer and coordinates five other group-wide committees, assigning tasks under each of the themes of the CSR Guidelines to them, in order to ensure Toray Group comprehensively implements CSR initiatives. Furthermore, committees and meetings on CSR have been established at each group company to help implement group-wide CSR activities.

Committee and Implementation Organization
Committee and Implementation Organization

Promoting CSR Initiatives in Every Workplace

A special characteristic of Toray Group's approach to corporate social responsibility is its "CSR line activities," a unique employee participation system that emphasizes putting CSR into practice on the job. Each workplace implements activities suited to its own circumstances, such as holding discussions on CSR issues.

Group companies also implement various other initiatives.
Du Pont-Toray Co., Ltd. was awarded an EcoVadis Gold Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility, placing it in the top 5% of companies that were objectively evaluated for CSR by EcoVadis.1 Du Pont-Toray is addressing the areas for improvement that were identified in the evaluation in order to further enhance its CSR. The company also issued internal guidelines for securing compliance with Japan’s Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors. The guidelines address questions about the regulations, offer precautions, and provide clarifications to ensure that employees fully understand the regulations and secure compliance in the company’s transactions.
Toray International, Inc. issued an internal CSR handbook and launched a regular CSR news bulletin to encourage workplace discussion.

  1. 1 EcoVadis provides comprehensive CSR ratings services for companies all over the world. More than 45,000 companies including Toray Industries have been assessed by EcoVadis to date.

In-House Training on CSR-Related Issues

Group companies implementing CSR education

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Toray Group
■Target in fiscal 2018

Result in fiscal 2018


Toray Group strives to ensure that social responsibility is firmly rooted in its culture by providing various training opportunities. In fiscal 2018, 100% of Group companies implemented CSR education, achieving the target.

In fiscal 2018, Toray Industries, Inc. and its group companies in Japan implemented CSR education for their employees. Head office staff visited group companies in Japan and confirmed progress on CSR initiatives and gave seminars in order to increase awareness of CSR.

  • CSR seminar at Kansai TEK Co., Ltd.CSR seminar at Kansai TEK Co., Ltd.

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Toray Group's Corporate Missions call for contributing to customers, employees, shareholders, and society, by emphasizing stakeholders in its practice of business management. The Group is increasing its dialogue with stakeholders, both through its business operations and through briefing sessions and meetings in each region. In fiscal 2018, Toray Industries conducted regular dialogue with shareholders and employees, taking advantage of opportunities such as the general meeting of stockholders and labor and management meetings.
The Group will continue to seek opportunities to hear from stakeholders and gauge their expectations with the involvement of corporate management, in order to shape the direction of its management.

Related Information

Number of dialogue meetings with stakeholders

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Toray Group
■Fiscal 2018 target
Eight times

Result in fiscal 2018

8 times