Message from the President

Contributing to society through the creation
of new value with innovative ideas,
technologies and products.

President, Toray Industries, Inc.Akihiro Nikkaku

To ensure the sustainability of human life on Earth, solutions to a multitude of challenges are urgently needed—from climate change, to food and water shortages driven by population increases, to resource depletion and energy sustainability, to safety and health concerns. Companies today are expected to help solve these social challenges. Japanese companies have traditionally shown a commitment to public interest capitalism and contributing broadly to society. There has never been a better time to deliver on that commitment.

Since our founding in 1926, we have remained true to our fundamental corporate principle of contributing to society by engaging in business management designed to benefit all stakeholders, including employees, customers, business partners, local communities, and stockholders.

We see Toray Group as a public institution, so it naturally follows that we are doing everything we can to help solve the global issues addressed by the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations.

Our corporate philosophy makes our commitment explicit: “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products.” At Toray Group, we are living up to this mission by delivering innovative technologies and advanced materials that provide truly effective solutions to the challenges the world faces when it comes to balancing development and sustainability. In July 2018, we established the Toray Group Sustainability Vision. In the vision, we introduce the business concepts and mid- to long-term initiatives we have advanced to date and describe the world as envisioned by Toray Group in 2050, identifying challenges and setting specific targets for ourselves to help create that world.

Our current management strategy is guided by our long-term corporate vision, AP-Growth TORAY 2020, which we have had in place since 2011. Under this growth vision, Toray Group is striving to continually expand revenues and profits. Since fiscal 2017, we have been working toward the vision under a three-year medium-term management program, Project AP-G 2019.

One of the key strategies of this program is to expand businesses in growth fields. Toray Group is focusing on Green Innovation businesses, which contribute solutions for environmental, resource, and energy issues, and Life Innovation businesses, which enhance the quality of medical care and contribute to health maintenance and longevity, as group-wide projects.

At Toray Group, social responsibility is fully integrated into our management strategy as a top priority. Our Sixth CSR Road Map is paired with Project AP-G 2019 and has the same target year, fiscal 2019. The key areas we are addressing under the CSR Road Map are corporate ethics and legal compliance, human rights promotion and human resources development, and safety, accident prevention, and environmental preservation. We are making steady progress on our targets in these areas.

This report systematically presents Toray Group’s social responsibility initiatives and results for fiscal 2018 and is designed for all of our stakeholders. I invite you to get better acquainted with Toray Group by spending some time with this report.

September 2019