Related Technical Departments

Technical Departments

Our Composite Material-Related Technical Departments deploy products globally, focusing primarily on aerospace, general industrial, and sports applications. Due to the light weight of its materials, they are positioned as key materials for green innovation, and are expected to continue showing high growth in the future. In preparation for this, we have introduced an integrated technology development system - covering everything from upstream technologies (such as carbon fibers and resins) to downstream technologies relating to intermediate materials and composites (carbon fiber reinforced plastics) design and molding processing - and we are developing new products, cultivating new applications, and engaging in technical marketing from a global perspective. Going forward, we will not only expand our aviation applications, but will develop high quality and highly cost competitive new products and applications to accommodate growth in industrial applications for the US, Europe, Asia and emerging economies. In doing so, we will further strengthen the development of our global business.

Torayca Technical Dept.

Carbon fiber TORAYCA® has 10 times the strength of steel, and half the weight of aluminum, and is widely used in aerospace, general industry, and sports applications. This department develops new products and cultivates new applications using the advanced materials and technological innovation offered by TORAYCA®.

Prepreg Technical Dept.

This department develops new products and cultivates new applications for prepreg impregnated with matrix resin, using TORAYCA® as the reinforcement fiber. High performance prepreg, which simultaneously achieves both compression strength after impact and compression strength under Hot/Wet condition, is used in primary structures of aircraft applications, and the amounts used are increasing dramatically.

First Advanced Composites Technical Dept.

By exploiting upstream technologies, in areas such as carbon fibers and resins, and downstream technologies relating to composites design and mold processing, this department offers solutions to customers relating to "mid-stream technologies" by creating new carbon fiber intermediate materials (such as fabrics and preforms) that meet customer demands.

Second Advanced Composites Technical Dept.

Based on upstream and midstream technologies for carbon fibers, resins, and carbon fiber intermediate materials, this department promotes the development of such products as automotive parts, IT related components, medical device components, and aircraft parts by developing composite design, molding, and processing technologies that exploit the light weight and other key characteristics of composites.

ACM Technology Dept.

This department serves as an interface between customers and in-house technology-related jobsites. It conducts technical marketing, and project managements for the development of new products and applications from a global perspective for aviation, industrial, and sports applications.

CFRP make a major contribution to reducing the weight of automobiles and aircraft

Photos from an exhibition of Toray Advanced Materials Exhibition 2011.
A concept EV and main wing of the Boeing 787