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The Water Treatment & Environment Division was launched in June 2007 through a merger of the Water Treatment Business Division and Amenity Products Business Division, aimed at enhancing comprehensive efforts in the Environment and Water of four major growing fields. It is comprised of two units: the Water Treatment Division and Environment & Amenity Products Division. The former carries out business globally aimed at trying to solve issues related to water shortages and water environments. The latter focuses on finished products that bring comfort, health, and beauty into people's living spaces.

Water Treatment Division,

Membrane Technical Dept.

This section develops Toray water treatment membrane products,from reverse osmosis (RO) membranes used in desalination, to ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) membrane modules for water supply purification, and membrane bioreactor (MBR) membrane modules used to treat wastewater.

Water Treatment System Dept.
Water Treatment Technical Sect.

This section carries out design and development for water treatment systems that employ membranes, along with IMS (Integrated Membrane System) process development used in combination with various types of membranes. Other functions include verification testing of newly developed membranes, running local pilot operations, and system verification.

  • Toray'sROMEMBRA® ROmembrane elementToray's ROMEMBRA® RO membrane element
  • The world's second largest and East Asia's largest wastewater treatment plant.The world's second largest and East Asia's largest wastewater treatment plant.
    Photo : Sembcorp NEWater Plant, Singapore

Environment & Amenity Products Division, Amenity Products Technical Dept.

TORAYVINO® household water purifierTORAYVINO®
household water purifier

To meet a wide range of customer needs for improving the comfort, health and beauty of people's living spaces, this section carries out product development based on innovations and applications of Toray's cutting-edge technical development and strength in advanced materials, and technologies from other companies.