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Toray Singapore
Water Research Center

The Toray Singapore Water Research Center (TSWRC) was established in August 2009 to research and develop technologies for Toray's water treatment membranes. Its main goals are (1) to develop innovative water treatment technologies and to train personnel in this area, (2) to improve the efficiency of development and business promotion (use of personnel through overseas collaborations, acquisition of market information), and (3) to build relationships of trust with Singapore's Public Utilities Board (PUB), scholars, and engineering companies. The TSWRC is actively promoting research and technological development efforts grounded in an awareness of the needs of customers with water processing capabilities, the needs of markets in the ASEAN region, and the advanced science and technology infrastructure (basic research capabilities) in Singapore.

  • Outer view of TSWRC's facility (Clean Tech One)Outer view of TSWRC's facility (Clean Tech One)
  • TSWRC entrancewayTSWRC entranceway