Global Alliances

Toray Plastics
(America), Inc. [TPA]

The New Product Development (NPD) Group of Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (TPA) was established in 2000 to convert the polyester film LUMIRROR® into an industrial material and to develop high-value-added products using the polypropylene film TORAYFAN® in response to market trends. It is helping to expand TPA's business and strengthen its intellectual property rights. TPA continues today to develop further high-value-added products and to develop new products aimed at expanding the film converting business through bio-sustainable films, metalized films, and extrusion laminated films.

  • Extrusion coated film "LumiLid®".Extrusion coated film "LumiLid®".
    This photo is LumiLid product after cooked at 200ºC
  • New Product Development (NPD) GroupNew Product Development (NPD) Group
  • NPD LabNPD Lab