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New Frontiers
Research Laboratories

The New Frontiers Research Laboratories were established in May 2003 to strongly promote advanced basic research focusing on biotechnology and nanotechnology. The laboratories are conducting research in areas such as bio-production, innovative therapies (cancer immunotherapy, DDS), bio-tools (DNA chips, disease marker detection chips) and nanomaterials.

Research Principles

  1. Leading research to create new values
  2. Expanding research fields through active collaboration
    (Strong interdisciplines, and NO "reinvention of the wheel")
  3. Promoting research through creative thinking

Toray's New Frontiers Research Laboratories were established based on the above three research principles in the primary fields of bio/nanotech research, and aimed to promote new businesses for the 21st century. The laboratories are actively conducting research on biotechnology, nanotechnology, and other interdisciplinary areas. Specific research subjects include: innovative therapeutics (cancer immunotherapy, drug delivery systems (DDS)), bio-devices (DNA-chips, protein-chips), and high-performance nanomaterials (sensitive detection technology) for healthcare; and green bioprocesses (biomass conversion processes with our membrane technology) for environment/energy issues. As one of the fruits achieved from these research endeavors, we have commercially marketed 3D-Gene® high-sensitivity DNA chip for research.
Another role of the New Frontiers Research Laboratories is to meet new challenges in growing fields of the Life Innovation and Green Innovation. The laboratories also have an important mission to cultivate "seeds" of innovative technology in order to provide them for further development to our core business fields of the fiber and chemical products.

The laboratories actively promote collaboration with research institutions outside through various activities including an onsite Open-Lab installed for collaborators, and annual symposium held with top-level speakers and guests in the related fields.

Research Fields

Research Fields


Milestones in Toray R&D

2003 Established New Frontiers Research Laboratories.
Commenced research on bio-polymer raw materials, cancer immunotherapy, DDS,DNA chips, and disease marker detection chips.
2004 Commenced research on protein fractionation and proteome analysis.
2005 Commenced research on bioprocesses using Toray organic separation membranes.
Winner of 19th Fuji Sankei Advanced Technology Grand Prix,Corporate Industrial Division (Developing of high-sensitivity DNA chip).
2006 Commercialization of high-sensitivity DNA chip 3D-Gene® (for research use).
Winner of 11th CSJ (Chemical Society of Japan) Award for Technical Development (Developing of high-sensitivity DNA chip).
2007 Winner of 12th CSJ (Chemical Society of Japan) Award for Technical Development (Protein fractionation device/Proteome analysis).
2009 Winner of 14th CSJ (Chemical Society of Japan) Award for Technical Development(Developing of disease marker detection chip).
2010 Established basic technology for fermentation process using membranes.
Winner of the Topic Prize of the Annual Meeting of JSBBA (Japan Society for Bioscience,Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry) 2010 (D-lactate fermentation by yeast).
2014 Commenced sales of disease marker detection chip RAY-FAST®.