Research Fellows and Engineering Fellows

Fumiyoshi Okano PhD

Department :
New Frontiers Research Laboratories
Area of expertise :

My research philosophy

To realize my dream before joining Toray, I have been opening up new research themes on cancer therapy which was then still new frontier field in Toray. Considering my mission is to supply new treatments speedy and continuously to patients suffering from cancer, I am working very hard in the research and development with my dear colleagues.

Key academic papers

1993 Immortalization of human T lymphocytes by oncogenes.
Cytotechnology 11: 205-211 (1993).
Okano F., Tachibana H, Shirahata S and Murakami H
The detection of a breast cancer antigen on MCF-7 cells reactive with the TCR(α) of a specific killer T cell line.
Biotherapy 6: 195-203 (1993).
Okano F., Tachibana H, Akiyama K. and Murakami H
1997 Cloning and Expression of the cDNA for Canine Interleukin-12.
Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Researh 17: 713-718 (1997).
Okano F., Satoh M and Yamada K.
1999 Cloning of the cDNA for Canine Interleukin-18 and Canine Interleukin-1β Converting Enzyme and Expression of Canine Interleukin-18.
Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Researh 19: 27-32 (1999).
Okano F., Satoh M, Ido T and Yamada K.
2000 Production of Canine IFN-γ in Silkworm by Recombinant Baculovirus and Characterization of the Product.
Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Researh 20: 1015-1022 (2000).
Okano F., Satoh M, Ido T, Okamoto N and Yamada K.
Canine Interleukin-18 Induces Apoptosis and Enhances Fas Ligand mRNA Expression in a Canine Carcinome Cell Line.
Anticancer Research 20: 3411-3416 (2000).
Okano F. and Yamada K.
2002 Identification of a Novel HLA-A*0201-restricted, Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Epitope in a Human Glioma-associated Antigen, Interleukin 13 Receptor α2 Chain.
Clinical Cancer Research 8: 2851-2855 (2002).
Okano F., Storkus W.J., Chambers W.H. Pollack I.F. and Okada H.
2005 Interleukin-12 augments interferon gamma production and lymphocyte proliferation in canine visceral leishmaniasis.
International Journal for Parasitology 35: 63-73 (2005).
Stauss-Ayali D., Baneth G., Shor S., Okano F. and Jaffe C.L.
In vivo Manipulation of Dendritic Cells Overcomes Tolerance to Unmodified Tumor-Associated Self Antigens and Induces Potent Antitumor Immunity.
The Journal of Immunology 174: 2645-2652 (2005).
Okano F., Merad M. and Engleman EG.