Nov. 16, 2017
Toray Industries, Inc.

Spam Alert: Fraudulent email sent in the name of fictitious Toray Group employee

We have recently become aware that somebody is sending fake, phishing and spoof emails with the name of TORAY GROUP employee. That could be intended to get contact information and to acquire personal information and money illegally. In this case, the sender used following address;

" (XXX is an arbitrary character string)",.

Similarly, we also aware of following addresses were used illegally;

We have nothing to do with these domain names and addresses.
(ALTERNATIVE: We have no connection to these domain names and addresses. We are completely unconnected to these.)
And we don’t use free mail such as “” or “” for official mailing.

These emails ask recipients to reply to the sender, but doing so could put you at a risk of having someone stealing your important personal information or your computer being exposed to virus. If you have received such spam email messages, please be reminded that you should never respond to them. You should avoid accessing any email addresses or hyperlinks contained within them and delete them immediately.

If you suspect that you have received a spam email, please inform us by using the secure form below.