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the Limits.

Abdul Hakim Sani Brown is one of the top sprinters in Japan.
He is devoted to rigorous daily training so that one day
he may run faster than anyone else in the world.

He knows that his ongoing effort is the only way to push himself to the limit.
One day at a time, he presses on,
aiming to shorten his time by a mere 0.01 seconds.

In August 2023, Toray concluded its global partnership with Sani Brown.

Toray has produced a wide variety of materials since its founding in 1926,
and continues to move resolutely forward to develop new materials
that are useful to the world helping it to find solutions
to society’s problems, such as global warming.

A sprinter e and a global company for material development may seem worlds apart.
But our partnership with Sani Brown, an extraordinary,
world-class athlete who is committed to excellence,
exemplified Toray’s belief in overcoming imagined limitations
and reaching far beyond ordinary expectations to achieve the pinnacle of success—

Passing the Baton to the Future——

“I want to commit to society through athletics.
That is the goal that underlies my activities as an athlete and what led me to sign a global partnership agreement with Toray.

Toray Industries’ popularizing sports among children, for instance or its tackling of societal issues such as environmental problems, or their development of materials that enhance competitive performance and support sustainability, truly makes the company an ideal partner with which to face global challenges.

To gracefully pass the baton to the next generation, athletes and companies need to take action based on a common vision.
I'm excited about collaborating again with Toray.



Aiming for first place and on course to achieve his dream.

Get to know Sani Brown.

Abdul Hakim Sani

Date of birth
March 6, 1999 (age 24)
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Won the 100m and 200m doubles at the IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics, Cali, Colombia, attracting attention with new tournament records.
Finalist in the 200m final at the World Athletics Championships, London, England, finishing seventh (20.63 seconds).
Enrolled at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, competing in premier National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) events.
Winner of the 100m at the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Fayetteville, Arkansas (9.99 seconds).
Finished third in the 100m (9.97 seconds) and 200m (20.08 seconds) at the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Austin, Texas.
Announces turning pro and pursuit of a higher level of achievement.
Finished seventh in the 100m final at the World Athletics Championships, Eugene, Oregon. The achievement was the first for a Japanese athlete in ninety years.
Winner at the Japan Championships in Athletics, 100m (2017, 2019, 2022) and 200m (2017, 2019).
Official personal bests: 60m (6.54 seconds), 100m (9.97 seconds), 200m (20.08 seconds)