IR Seminar Materials

Medium-term Management Program

Medium-term Management Program "Project AP-G 2019" [2017/02/09]

Presentation Material (PDF:2,974KB)

Medium-term Management Program "Project AP-G 2016" [2014/02/17]

Business Outline and Strategy

Fibers & Textiles Business

Toray Group Fibers & Textiles Business [2018/01/11]

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Business

Toray’s Business Strategy for Carbon Fiber Composite Materials [2012/09/21]

Automobiles & Aircraft

Business Strategies through the Establishment of the A & A Center in Nagoya Plant [2008/10/07]

Environment & Water Treatment Business

Expansion Strategy of Water Treatment Business [2008/12/19]

IT-related Products Business

Outline of IT-related Products Segment [2007/08/28]

Life Science & Other Businesses

Outline and Strategies of Toray Life Science Businesses [2005/12/13]

Plastics Business

Outline and Strategies of Toray Group Plastics and Films Business [2005/09/21]


Toray New Business Strategies focused on the Global Environment - To build a Sustainable Low-Carbon Society - [2009/03/25]

Toray's R&D Strategy - Focus on Advanced Materials based on Nanotechnologies - [2007/12/07]

Toray's Advanced Materials -Innovation by Chemistry [2006/09/27]

Research and Development Activities at Toray Industries, Inc. [2004/10/14]