CSR Guidelines & Activity Reports - Corporate Governance and Management Transparency

Ensuring Proper Business Conduct and Transparency


Board of Directors' positive assessment of the implementation of the Basic Policy for Internal Control Systems1

■Reporting scope
Toray Group
■Target in fiscal 2018

Result in fiscal 2018


  1. 1 The effectiveness of the implementation of the nine items in the Basic Policy on Internal Control System set in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act of Japan is evaluated by all the directors and statutory auditors and monitored as a KPI of the internal control system to share with stakeholders.

Toray Industries operates a Basic Policy on Corporate Governance based on Japan's Corporate Governance Code, and regularly publishes a Corporate Governance Report, which also summarizes the status of internal control systems.
Toray Group will continue to make every effort to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, efficient execution of duties, preservation and management of information, and control over risks of loss.
Toray Industries has set a KPI for “Board of Directors’ positive assessment of the implementation of the Basic Policy for Internal Control Systems.” The result for fiscal 2018 was 94.5%, surpassing the target of 90%.

Dialogue with Labor Unions

Toray Industries holds meetings of the Central Labor and Management Council twice a year. The meetings are attended by directors at the senior vice president level and higher and labor representatives at the union head level and above. In addition to briefing the union on management information about Toray Group, the meetings facilitate ongoing dialogue with the union. Resolution of labor issues is undertaken at separate Labor and Management Council meetings. As of March 2019, Toray Workers' Union membership stood at 8,584 workers.