CSR Guidelines & Activity Reports - Communication

Communication with Customers

Social Initiatives

Customer Satisfaction Survey

True to its “customer first” commitments, Toray Group conducts customer satisfaction surveys every three years. The survey results are shared within the Company at the Board of Directors meeting and via the in-house newsletter to facilitate business improvement at worksites and motivate employees. From executives and managers to general staff, every employee works to achieve even higher quality customer service, by engaging in an iterative cycle of understanding and improving issues.


Toray has set up showrooms in its offices and plants as a space for communication with customers, including in Tokyo (at the head office), at the Shiga Plant, and at the Toray Human Resources Development Center in Mishima.These showrooms feature accessible displays of Toray’s business and product applications. The goal is to deepen understanding of Toray Group’s commitment to leverage its innovative technologies and advanced materials to help address a host of issues.