Management Team

President and Vice Presidents

President Akihiro Nikkaku President,
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President Koichi Abe Executive Vice President,
Technology Center;
Chairman, Toray Research Center Inc.
Executive Vice President Mitsuo Ohya Executive Vice President,
Marketing & Sales;
Legal & Compliance Division (Security Trade Administration Dept.);
Corporate Marketing Planning Division;
Affiliated Companies Division
Executive Vice President Satoru Hagiwara Executive Vice President,
Intellectual Property Division, Global Environment Business Strategic Planning Dept., and Life Innovation Business Strategic Planning Dept.;
Technology Center
Senior Vice President Kazuyuki Adachi Senior Vice President,
Purchasing & Logistics Division;
Manufacturing Division
Senior Vice President Minoru Yoshinaga Senior Vice President,
Torayca & Advanced Composites Division;
Chairman, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A.
Senior Vice President Yasuo Suga Senior Vice President,
Corporate Strategic Planning Division;
Quality Assurance Division;
HS Division
Senior Vice President Kazuhiko Shuto Senior Vice President,
Resins & Chemicals Division
Senior Vice President Hirofumi Kobayashi Senior Vice President,
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Division;
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products Division (Technology & Manufacturing)
Senior Vice President Tetsuya Tsunekawa   Senior Vice President,
Chief Representative for Europe;
President, Toray Industries Europe GmbH
Senior Vice President Shigeki Taniguchi Senior Vice President,
Human Resources Division;
Toray Human Resources Development Center
Senior Vice President Kenichiro Miki Senior Vice President,
Fibers & Textiles Division;
Osaka Head Office
Senior Vice President Satoru Nishino Senior Vice President,
Films Technology & Manufacturing Division
Senior Vice President Hideki Hirabayashi Senior Vice President,
CSR & Investor Relations;
General Administration & Communications Division;
Tokyo Head Office
Senior Vice President Hiroshi Enomoto Senior Vice President,
Electronic & Information Materials Division;
Display & Graphic Materials Division
Corporate Vice President Hajime Ishii Corporate Vice President,
Fibers & Textiles Division;
Global SCM Division
Corporate Vice President Hiroyuki Matsuda Corporate Vice President,
Information Systems Division;
Engineering Division
Corporate Vice President Masahiko Okamoto Corporate Vice President,
Finance & Controller’s Division
Corporate Vice President Yuichiro Iguchi Corporate Vice President,
Research & Development Division;
Basic Research Center
Corporate Vice President Yoshio Yamamoto Corporate Vice President,
Legal & Compliance Division;
Compliance Dept.
Corporate Vice President Kazuhisa Itsuji Corporate Vice President,
Films Division;
BSF Division;
Chairman, Toray Films Europe S.A.S.
Corporate Vice President Satoshi Shimoyama Corporate Vice President,
Water Treatment & Environment Division;
Water Treatment Division;
Chairman, Toray Asia Pte. Ltd.;
Chairman, Toray Membrane (Foshan) Co., Ltd.
Vice President Young Kwan Lee Vice President,
Chief Representative for the Republic of Korea;
President, Toray Industries Korea Inc.;
Chairman, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.
Vice President Teh Hock Soon Vice President,
Chief Representative for Malaysia;
President,Toray Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad;
Chairman, Penfabric Sdn. Berhad;
Chairman, Toray Malaysia Systems Solution Sdn. Bhd.;
Chairman, P.T. Century Textile Industry Tbk
Vice President Kei Shimaji Vice President,
Chief Representative for Americas;
President, Toray Industries (America), Inc.
Vice President Osamu Tsuneki Vice President,
Purchasing & Logistics Division
Vice President Kazuyuki Yakushiji Vice President,
Manufacturing Division (ACM Technology & Production)
Vice President Yasuo Fukuda Vice President,
Manufacturing Division (Fibers & Textiles Technology and Manufacturing)
Vice President Masahide Matsumura Vice President,
Chief Representative for Thailand;
President, Toray Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.;
Chairman, Toray Textiles (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Vice President Toru Kutsuzawa Vice President,
Chief Representative for China;
Chairman and President, Toray Industries (China) Co., Ltd.;
Chairman, Toray Sakai Weaving & Dyeing (Nantong) Co., Ltd.;
Chairman, Toray International (China) Co., Ltd.

Executive Fellow

Executive Fellow Akihiko Kitano Executive Fellow,
Advanced Materials & Application Center;
ACM Technology Division