Toray Group’s Educational Support Activities

Toray Group strives to live up to its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products” by providing innovative technologies and advanced materials. The Group is committed to taking on the challenge of innovation across all of its corporate activities. That is why the Group must develop and retain human resources who can generate this continual innovation. Also, via the Toray Science Foundations around the world, the Group is providing research grants, promoting science education, and fostering public interest in science, looking to make a long-term contribution.

Toray Science Foundations around the World

In 1955, Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. (now Toray Industries, Inc.) made a clear statement concerning the principles it had upheld since its founding, establishing the Company Principle, “Toyo Rayon contributes to communities.” At that time, the business was expanding dramatically, but the company wanted to acknowledge that this achievement was due to the support of society and not just its own capabilities.
In 1960, the Toyo Rayon Science Foundation (now called Toray Science Foundation) was established to promote basic science and fulfill the Company Principle of contributing to communities. Toray Science Foundations were subsequently established in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Republic of Korea to support the development of science and technology in those nations.

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Developing the Next Generation of Talent

In Japan, there is a growing concern that children’s interest in science has been on the decline. In order to spark more interest in science among elementary and junior high school students, Toray Group has developed science experiment and environmental education programs that employ some of its products. Delivering these programs, Group employees teach classes at local elementary, junior and senior high schools. These classes focus on the connection between science lessons and the real world to create a developmental program that fits with school curricula. Examining water issues, the Toray educational program can also be used in classes that teach the SDGs. In addition to science classes, Toray Group also supports career education and other subjects.

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