Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories

The Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories were established in 1987, and conduct the following types of research on electro-coating materials, LSI assembly materials, display materials and printing materials, and in new fields such as organic electronics, environment/energy, and medical electronics.

The Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories are a central materials/technology research facility for expanding Toray’s business in information and communications materials/devices, and providing solutions in the environment/energy and medical electronics fields. We are meeting the challenge of creating advanced materials and technologies based on our world-class high-level component technologies. These technologies include design synthesis technology for highly heat-resistant and photo-functional polymers, fine patterning technology using techniques such as photolithography, technology for achieving higher-function by dispersing nano-particles, and thin-film formation technology employing vacuum and wet coating.

Electro-coating materials and technology

These Laboratories are conducting R&D on innovative materials through improved function achieved by adding photosensitive material design technologies and nano-particle dispersion technologies to the foundation of our unique highly heat-resistant polymer materials. We help boost performance and improve reliability of a variety of devices, through efforts such as use of photosensitive polyimide under the brand name PHOTONEECE™ in protective/insulating films for semiconductors and displays, and application of refractive index control materials employing polysiloxane to image sensors.

OLED use coating materials
Example of evolution to OLED insulation layer and planarization layer

* Winner of the 64th Okochi Memorial Production Prize

Semiconductor related materials
Photosensitive polyimide PHOTONEECE™

Semiconductor related materials Photosensitive polyimide PHOTONEECE™

* Winner of the 2017 Local Commendation for Invention of Kinki, The Prize of the Chairman of HATSUMEI KYOKAI (JIII)

Optical device materials CMOS image sensor structure

Optical device materials CMOS image sensor structure

* Winner of the 2013 Local Commendation for Invention of Kinki, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Encouragement Prize for Invention

LSI assembly materials and technology

At Toray, we are deploying sheet materials with unique functions such as photosensitivity and high thermal conductivity under the brand name FALDA™, and conducting research on next-generation mounting materials to help meet needs for greater fineness and 3-dimensionality, and achieve smaller size and lighter weight of power devices. We are also enhancing the technology of the photosensitive functional material RAYBRID™ for electrode wiring of touch panels and compact electronic components.

Display materials and technology

We have created world-class technology, such as small and medium-size LCD color filters for mobile telephones, organic light emitting display (OLED) materials, and insulation materials, through research into display materials and technology for use in big-screen TVs and mobile devices. In addition to protective films and insulation materials for touch panels, and flexible display related materials, these Laboratories are researching new technologies to support next-generation displays such as organic wavelength conversion materials.

Backlight material / Spectrum conversion by organic phosphor
Left:Backlight material / Right:Spectrum conversion by organic phosphor

Printing materials and technology

The Laboratories are striving for the further evolution of the TORAY WATERLESS PLATE™ and developing the Toray CTP (computer-to-plate) Waterless Plate for direct imaging input from computers. Development is also in progress for environmentally-friendly printing systems free of VOCs, combined with development of water-soluble ink based on Toray’s unique polymer design technology, for the film packaging market where growth and greater environmental awareness are expected in the future.

* Winner of the 2010 National Commendation for Invention Award, the Prize of the Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Flexible packaging printed by Waterless Plates

New fields

As new technologies, we are also conducting R&D on parts for X-ray imaging equipment, printed RFID, bio/chemical sensors, next-generation communication materials, and secondary batteries. By applying these technologies in IoT and medical electronics, we are actively meeting the challenge of developing materials which can contribute to society going forward.

X-ray imaging equipment, printed RFID, bio/chemical sensors, next-generation communication materials, and secondary batteries

Milestones in Toray R&D

1977 Commenced production of TORELIEF™ photopolymer printing plate.
1985 Commenced production of polyimide coating for electronics.
1987 Established Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories.
1993 Commenced production of TOPTICAL™ color filters for liquid crystal displays.
1999 Commenced production of Toray CTP Waterless Plate.
2000 Developed PHOTONEECE™ positive photosensitive, heat-resistant, polyimide coating materials.
Commenced production of PDP rear panels.
2006 Commenced production of red light emitting materials and electron transporting materials for OLEDs.
2013 Commenced production of photosensitive functional materials RAYBRID™ for touch panels.
2016 Developed coating with ultra-low refractive index for image sensors.