CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports)

Toray Group has established CSR Guidelines to govern its CSR initiatives. Intended to be comprehensive, they cover aspects from corporate governance to social contribution. The CSR Guidelines consist of ten themes, each of which is assigned an implementation leader.
The Group also establishes a CSR roadmap every three years to ensure that all of its efforts to live up to the CSR Guidelines move forward in a systemic and organized manner. Each CSR roadmap defines targets for specific initiatives and establishes key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that progress is quantitatively managed each year.

In line with the Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2022, the CSR Roadmap 2022 covered the period from fiscal 2020 through fiscal 2022 and facilitated CSR activities based on the ten themes of the CSR Guidelines, listed below.
The roadmap defines, in principle, KPIs for the entire Toray Group and charts the course for everything the Group does to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. In addition to initiatives for which KPIs have been set, the roadmap also describes important initiatives not associated with KPIs for each of the CSR guidelines, in order to further promote CSR initiatives.

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  1. 1 Corporate Governance
  2. 2 Ethics and Compliance
  3. 3 Safety, Accident Prevention, and Environmental Preservation
  4. 4 Product Quality and Safety
  5. 5 Risk Management
  6. 6 Communication
  7. 7 Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities
  8. 8 Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development
  9. 9 Facilitating CSR Initiatives Throughout the Supply Chain
  10. 10 Social Contribution Activities as a Good Corporate Citizen

Progress on CSR Roadmap 2022 KPIs in Fiscal 2020