CSR Roadmap 2025
(Fiscal 2023 – Fiscal 2025)

In June 2023, Toray Group established its eighth Medium-Term CSR Plan, CSR Roadmap 2025, covering the period from fiscal 2023 to fiscal 2025.
Taking the Group’s 11 material issues into account, CSR Roadmap 2025 outlines the activity targets and main initiatives for each of the ten themes in Toray’s CSR Guidelines, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs). The purpose is to systematically promote the Group’s CSR activities in an integrated manner with the Medium-Term Management Program.

For more information on the CSR Roadmap 2025, refer to the PDF file below.

・Click here for CSR Roadmap 2022, which covers fiscal 2020-2022 (PDF:2.17MB).

CSR Roadmap 2025 KPI List

Along with listing the main initiatives for each CSR Guidelines theme, the roadmap establishes KPIs to quantitatively monitor yearly progress.

Relationship between the CSR Guidelines and SDGs/ESG Categories

The relationship between each theme of the Toray Group CSR Guidelines and the SDGs/ESG categories is shown in this comparative table.