CSR Roadmap 2022
(Fiscal 2020 – Fiscal 2022)

In 2020, Toray Group released its new CSR roadmap for fiscal 2020 through 2022. Instead of calling it the “Seventh CSR Roadmap,” the Group named it the “CSR Roadmap 2022” to better clarify its connection with the Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2022.
The CSR Roadmap 2022 includes three perspectives: (1) Achieving the Toray Group Sustainability Vision, (2) Remaining a highly valuable corporate group, and (3) Enhancing the Toray Group’s CSR activities. Based on these three perspectives, the Group has set action goals, mapped out major initiatives, and determined key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the ten themes in its CSR Guidelines. Toray Group is committed to making constant progress in the area of CSR.

For more information on the CSR Roadmap 2022, refer to the PDF file below.

CSR Roadmap 2022 KPI List

Toray Group sets KPIs and quantitatively manages annual progress on its main initiatives for each of the ten themes in its CSR Guidelines.

Relationship between the CSR Guidelines and SDGs/ESG Categories

The relationship between each theme of the Toray Group CSR Guidelines and the SDGs/ESG categories is shown in this comparative table.