Toray Group Corporate Social ResponsibilityManagement Strategies and CSR

In order to achieve sustainable growth, corporations must do business in a way that earns the broad trust of stakeholders. Toray Group implements its management strategies and CSR initiatives in an integrated manner, striving to live up to its corporate philosophy, which outlines the principles and values the Group has upheld since the beginning, as well as its reason for being. The Group also seeks to achieve the world envisioned by Toray Group in 2050, which is outlined in the Toray Group Sustainability Vision, ensuring the sustainable development of Toray Group and society as a whole.


Toray Group will strive to accurately ascertain changes in industrial trends over the next decade or so. In May 2020, the Group announced the Long-Term Corporate Vision, TORAY VISION 2030—Achieving sound, sustainable growth and creating social value. The vision will serve as a group-wide compass for achieving sound, sustainable growth, while pursuing business model transformation.
Toray Group also announced the Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2022 “Resilience and Proactive Management”—Sustainable Growth and New Development. The program covers the three years from fiscal 2020 through fiscal 2022. While maintaining the Group’s basic strategy of business expansion through active investment, the Group has also been working on structural reforms and reinforcing the Group’s financial structure, initiatives that are designed to facilitate the growth strategy.
With each Medium-Term Management Program, Toray Group also draws up a CSR roadmap. A three-year plan for the Group’s efforts on CSR, this roadmap lays out specific initiatives and KPIs. In September 2020, the Group announced the new CSR Roadmap 2022. Under the roadmap, the Group is now facilitating systematic, organization-wide CSR initiatives.
By taking an integrated approach to social responsibility and business growth, Toray Group has positioned itself to make important contributions by helping to solve social issues. The goal is to remain a corporate group of high value to all stakeholders.