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Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

[Japan] [Housing・Engineering]

Location / Contact Yaesu Ryumeikan Building, 3-22, Yaesu 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028, JapanGoogle Map

Tel: (81) 3-3241-1541

Fax: (81) 3-3241-1702

Main Business

【Engineering Businesses】

  1. Plant Engineering: Construction of Pharmaceutical Plant and Fine Chemical Plant, Construction of Polymerization Plant, Environment-friendly Plant and New Energy Related Plant, Membrane Processing Equipment, Support for Up Overseas Business
  2. Factory Automation / Production rationalization equipment EV / HEV motor automatic assembly line, Fuel Cell and solid battery manufacturing facilities, Smart factory / Labor-saving transport and packing system, Riveter and Component assembly System for Aircraft, Special automatic equipment
【Monozukuri Businesses 】
  1. FPD production equipment Coater, Titler
  2. Film production and processing equipment Aligner, Thermal imprinting system, Laser patterning equipment
  3. Semiconductor production equipment Flip chip bonder, Vacuum printing encapsulation system, Laser micro trimming  equipment, Capillary coater
  4. Film manufacturing equipment
  5. Coater
  6. Slitter
  7. Roll to Roll dry deposition equipment

Toray Building Materials Co., Ltd.

[Japan] [Housing・Engineering]

Location / Contact 12-2 Nihonbashi Odenmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011, JapanGoogle Map

Tel: (81) 3-6231-1811

Fax: (81) 3-3669-7523

Main Business

  1. Manufacturing and marketing of ceramic exterior wall materials (fiber-reinforced cement board) and marketing of resin molding building materials.
  2. Marketing of civil engineering and construction materials and anti-seismic reinforcement materials

Toray Construction Co., Ltd.

[Japan] [Housing・Engineering]

Location / Contact 19th Fl., Nakanoshima Mitsui Bldg., Nakanoshima 3-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8222, JapanGoogle Map

Tel: (81) 6-6447-5152

Fax: (81) 6-6448-2544

Main Business

  1. Planning, design, construction and supervision of building and civil engineering works
  2. Construction and development of condominiums and housing estates
  3. Sale and purchase, leasing, intermediary and refurbishment services for real estate
  4. Consulting services for real estate and construction

Toray Precision Co., Ltd.

[Japan] [Housing・Engineering]

Location / Contact 1-40, Oe 1-chome, Otsu, Shiga 520-2141, JapanGoogle Map

Tel: (81) 77-545-8801

Fax: (81) 77-545-8824

Main Business

  1. Manufacturing and marketing of nozzles, dies and precision components
  2. Manufacturing and marketing of precision equipments (design and solution)