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  • Toray Wins 53rd JCIA Technology Award for Developing and Commercializing Antithrombogenic Artificial Kidney

Toray Wins 53rd JCIA Technology Award for Developing and Commercializing Antithrombogenic Artificial Kidney

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May 24, 2021

Toray Industries, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan, May 24, 2021 – Toray Industries, Inc., received the 53rd JCIA Technology Award from the Japan Chemical Industry Association on May 21 for developing and commercializing an anti-thrombogenic artificial kidney. This is the sixth time for the company to win that award, the previous occasion being in 2016.

Toray drew on its core nanotechnology and computational chemistry capabilities to create this artificial kidney, a polysulfone membrane, in response to a growing need to enhance anti-thrombogenic performance in line with dialysis treatment advances.

The company developed the artificial kidney to efficiently treat chronic and acute renal failure, thereby improving patients’ quality of life while reducing medical professional workloads.

Toray looks to develop high value-added medical supplies that materialize its corporate philosophy of contributing to social progress by delivering new value while attaining sustainable growth.

Key technology features
Artificial kidneys remove waste products from the blood of renal patients. These dialyzers incorporate mainstream polysulfone material blended with hydrophilic polyvinylpyrrolidone to provide anti-thrombogenic performance. This is good but could be better. Toray applied a proprietary hypothesis focusing on how adsorbed water interacts with polymers, using computational chemistry in the polymer design process. The company thereby found that a new anti-thrombogenic polymer can better suppress platelet adhesion than polyvinylpyrrolidone.

The company has employed its award-winning technology in offerings that have earned accolades for its contributions to quality of life and clinical efficiency in enhancing anti-thrombogenic performance. One is Toraylight™ NV, a hemodialyzer for chronic renal failure. Others are Toraylight™HDF and Toraysulfone® NV hemodialysis filters and HEMOFEEL™ SNV, which provides continuous and gentle hemofiltration for acute renal failure.
Japan Chemical Industry Association profile
This body was established in 1948 to promote the healthy development of the chemical industry and contribute to the economic prosperity of Japan and help improve national living standards. The association bestows three technology awards. These are the Grand Prize, the Special Technology Prize, and the Environmental Technology Prize. The Grand Prize is for a creative product or technology that contributes to scientific and technological progress, and has a high industrial value.