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  • 10th Toray South China Management Seminar (SCMS)

10th Toray South China Management Seminar (SCMS)

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Aug. 18, 2021

Toray Group Companies in South China

On May 13 and 14, 2021, the 10th SCMS for section managers at Toray Group companies in South China was held at Toray Plastics Precision (Zhongshan) Ltd. (TPPZ), and 29 trainees participated from 11 companies.

The seminar is held to enhance the trainees’ understanding of the business expansion of the Toray Group in China and to improve the awareness and skills required of managerial staff. Given the domestic situation that COVID-19 infection is subsiding, we took sufficient measures to prevent infection and conducted the seminar in person.

The training started off with a lecture by Senior General Manager of Personnel & Administration Dept. at Toray Industries (South China) Co., Ltd. (TSCH), on Toray’s global business strategy and its human resource development policy as well as what he expects of the managerial staff.

Subsequently, there was a lecture by an external lecturer on the theme of awareness reform of managerial staff and improvement of their skills followed by case studies and group discussions, in which the trainees learned a lot about self-growth, awareness reform, and essential factors for leadership.

At the end of the training, the trainees examined the management tasks that each of them faces under the instructions and advice from the lecturer and prepared a follow-up plan for the future. They also exchanged opinions and shared know-how regarding difficulties in management and operational issues commonly experienced as managerial staff. It was an extremely meaningful seminar for the trainees.

We hope that those who attended the seminar will put into practice what they have learned and play active roles in the future.