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Withdrawal of Third Party Certification for Certain Resin Products

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Mar. 28, 2022

Toray Industries, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan, March 28, 2022 – Toray Industries, Inc., today announced that, with regard to the case first notified on January 31, 2022, in which certain resin products were inappropriately identified as having received certification from UL LLC (hereinafter “UL”). Following a report to UL, it has been decided that UL certification for certain resin products detailed below will be withdrawn as of March 31, 2022.

Of the products that have been subject to withdrawal of certification, for those that will continue to be sold as UL-certified products, Toray is currently engaging in consultations with UL to reapply for registration and acquire certification under new product names.

Toray sincerely apologizes to the users of these materials and various companies who have been affected   by these inappropriate actions.

An investigation is currently being conducted by an expert committee, which is doing its utmost to ascertain the actual situation pertaining to this matter and thoroughly investigate the causes. In addition to fulfilling its duty of accountability to customers, Toray will also strive to formulate measures to prevent recurrence.

An overview of this matter is as detailed below.
1. Products subjected to withdrawal of UL certification
・ABS resin TOYOLAC™ 45 types (See attachment for details)
・Poly-lactic acid resin Ecodear™  1 type (See attachment for details)
・Liquid crystal polyester resin SIVERAS™ 6 types (See attachment for details)
Total 52 types


For details about the status of UL certification, information in the following specially established webpages on Toray resin product sites will be regularly updated.
Special webpages to respond to inquiries:
2.  Date of withdrawal of UL certification        March 31, 2022
If you manufacture UL certified products with any of the withdrawn materials, please contact UL's Market Surveillance department at the link below for guidance: