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Toray Group Companies in India Hold Toray Forum

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Jun. 20, 2022

Toray Group Companies in India

The Toray Group companies in India held Toray Forum India 2022 on April 22, 2022 at The Claridges, New Delhi, India. It was attended by 80 guests and employees, including 51 stakeholders, who came from near and far such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad.

The purpose of the inaugural forum held in 2019 was to build Toray’s brand image in India by familiarizing the numerous stakeholders with Toray’s corporate philosophy, Toray Group Sustainability Vision, R&D, technologies, advanced materials and customer solutions. Toray Forum India 2022 is a continuation of its first forum and the theme was “Sustainability—Clean Air.”

Akihiro Nikkaku, president, Toray Industries, Inc., opened the forum with a recorded audio-visual welcome message. He was followed by two esteemed speakers, Mr. Barun Aggarwal and Dr. Pratima Singh, and keynote speaker, Ms. Tanushree Ganguly. They are air pollution experts and public policy creators and influencers not only in India but also in the world. Their main messages were that air pollution is a very complex urban and rural phenomenon, varies across regions and time periods, and hence, one solution does not fit all situations. Rather, multi-pronged approaches including prevention at source, solutions like Toray’s air filters, wide-spread use of air pollution monitors to measure and then manage the problem and government, urban and rural public awareness are very important in changing human behavior and addressing air pollution. Most forum attendees were seen taking copious notes as they wish to minimize 2.5 and 10 ppm pollution at homes, offices and factories!

Minister Kunihiko Kawazu, deputy chief of mission, Embassy of Japan in India, gave a special address. He lauded Toray’s R&D-driven advanced material solutions which can assist Indian society in providing clean air. He stated that in recently concluded India-Japan bilateral summit, both prime ministers discussed climate change goals and pledged cooperation. Minister Kawazu spoke that if climate change goals are to be realized, deep partnerships between private and public institutions are required. He expected Toray could offer some environment solutions through its advanced technology and materials.

Shin Ito, general manager of Environment & Amenity Products Division, Toray, introduced Toray’s air filter business to the audience. He shared air filter plans for India, which was well received by several existing and potential air filter customers. The product display area showcased air filter-, water treatment-, engineering plastic- and PP spunbond-related products. With robust economic growth, coupled with the fact that 14 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are in India, the air filter business should post double digit growth for a long time.

The Toray Group companies in India will continue to strive to improve Toray’s presence and brand image in India through various means, including but not limited to, the continued holding of the Toray Forum.

Welcome address by Toray President Nikkaku

Guests who attended the forum

Minister Kawazu of Embassy of Japan
in India giving a special address

Ito gives presentation on the overview of Toray’s air filter business

Air filter staff of TID explaining Toray’s advanced technology and materials to invitees

Three guest speakers and presenters. From left: Shigekazu Suenaga, Toray’s chief representative for India, Ito, Ms. Ganguly, Dr. Singh, Mr. Aggarwal, TID Managing Director & CEO Masahiro Yamaguchi, Jung Sungwoon, director, Spunbond Division, TID

Ito and members of Toray Group companies in India