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  • Toray Launching Digital Service Leveraging AI-Based Database to Help Customers Optimize Resin Choices and Speed Up Product Development

Toray Launching Digital Service Leveraging AI-Based Database to Help Customers Optimize Resin Choices and Speed Up Product Development

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Sep. 26, 2022

Toray Industries, Inc.,

Tokyo, Japan, September 26, 2022 – Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that it will launch a digital service in the second half of this fiscal year that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to predict physical property data for resin products. The service will use materials informatics technology, which applies statistical analysis and AI to streamline materials development, in drawing on a database. This setup will help customers to quickly optimize resin material selections and shorten development lead times.

Resin materials development conventionally harnesses the expertise and inspiration of skilled researchers, who experiment to create compound formulations. The issue is that evaluating and optimizing resin properties requires a lot of time-consuming trial and error, which has driven a need to streamline materials development.

Toray has amassed a vast amount of high-quality data over many years in pushing the technological boundaries of resin materials development. It has greatly improved the accuracy of its forecasting model by using AI to project optimal formulations from empirical data. It innovated a system that efficiently predicts the physical properties of masses of data.

The company incorporated this system in a database for customers and other external parties and developed a resin material database. Customers can understand the properties and availability of currently offered, developed, and projected products just by entering the properties they require in the system.

Customers will be able to conduct real-time searches for such information as mechanical properties and process characteristics during molding. The resulting seamless and swift flow of material selection, design, and prototyping should help customers cut costs, enhance quality, and accelerate development. Using the materials property data from searches as data requirements for computer-aided engineering analysis would make it possible to predict the mechanical and process properties of materials themselves. The system could accordingly help customers optimize their selections of resin candidates for materials.

This digital service should deliver optimal solutions that help enhance customer value. Toray also looks to help customers develop carbon-neutral products by providing information not just about mechanical properties and process characteristics during molding but also about recyclability, long-term degradation characteristics, and carbon dioxide emissions data when using materials. Toray will offer services that fully leverage its strengths in high-quality, high-volume data, computer-aided engineering analysis, and materials informatics technology.

Toray plans to exhibit its new service at K 2022, the world’s premier trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 19 through 26.

Toray is constantly digitizing R&D processes by improving its data infrastructure and bolstering the technologies underlying AI. It will broaden its AI technology application focuses and pursue R&D in advanced materials in keeping with its commitment to innovating ideas, technologies, and products that deliver new value.  


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Toray’s K 2022 website: https://www.plastics.toray/k2022/