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  • Professor Lee Kwan-young Receives the 2022 Toray Chemical Engineering Award

Professor Lee Kwan-young Receives the 2022 Toray Chemical Engineering Award

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Oct. 6, 2022

Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. (TAK)

Mr. Lee Kwan-young, a professor of chemical engineering at Korea University, was selected as the second winner of the Toray Chemical Engineering Award. The Toray Chemical Engineering Award was established by TAK in 2021 to contribute to the development of Korea's chemical engineering industry. The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) selects the winners, and TAK presents a plaque and prize money.

Professor Lee, who contributed to the development of catalytic reaction engineering, won the Toray Chemical Engineering Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements as follows: (1) a total of 329 papers were published in Science Citation Index (SCI)-level international renowned academic journals as Korea's leading scholar in catalytic reaction engineering; (2) contributed to the activation of group research by successfully operating a large research project group; and (3) contributed to strengthening basic research capabilities, cooperation between schools, and convergence of technology.

The awards ceremony was held at the Spring Conference of the KIChE which took place at the Jeju International Convention Center on Jeju Island on April 21, 2022. Professor Lee expressed his acceptance, saying, "I am honored to be recognized for my research achievements, and I will continue to contribute to strengthening the basic research capabilities of universities and developing technological convergence."


Awards ceremony held at KIChE Spring Conference