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  • TAM Senior Vice President Hara Speaks at the Nikkei SDGs Festival in NYC

TAM Senior Vice President Hara Speaks at the Nikkei SDGs Festival in NYC

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Oct. 6, 2022

Toray Industries (America), Inc. (TAM)

Nikkei SDGs Festival in NYC, organized by Nikkei Inc. and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., was held on July 11-12, 2022 at the Japan Society in New York City. Toshinori Hara, senior vice president of TAM, participated in the dialogue session on July 12.
The event brought together US and Japanese government officials, academics, business executives, and other experts involved in the SDGs and sustainability to discuss the issues. At the Nikkei SDGs Forum held on the first day, Kunio Ito, member of the board (outside) of Toray Industries, Inc. was invited to speak online (pre-recorded) as chairman of TCFD Consortium and director of CFO Education and Research Center, Hitotsubashi University. He gave a keynote speech titled "Developments in SDGs and ESG in Japan" and participated in a dialogue titled "Japanese Global Companies' Commitment to the SDGs."
Senior Vice President Hara discussed "SDG Practices and Corporate Activities" with Mr. Yasuyuki Kato, CSO of GLOBIS USA, Inc., at the SDGs/ESG Conference held on the second day of the conference. In his speech on the theme of "Toray Group's ESG/SDGs Initiatives," Hara explained that Toray has been developing sustainable materials such as carbon fiber and water treatment membranes by tirelessly pursuing R&D and people-centric management based on the concepts of "corporations are public institutions of society" and "sampo-yoshi”[1]. He also introduced the Toray Group Sustainability Vision and its commitment to the SDGs. In the dialogue session with Mr. Kato, he explained the difficulties and key points on how to instill the corporate philosophy into corporate activities, referring to the Toray Philosophy Project (TP Project) activities.
[1] Sampo-yoshi: means good for seller, buyer and society in Japanese. Sampo means three sides (seller, buyer and society), and yoshi means good in Japanese.

Hara (right) discussing with Mr. Kato of GLOBIS USA in the dialogue session