Planting of Trees Around the Company

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Apr. 14, 2023

Toray Resin Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (TRMX)

The employees of TRMX are committed to caring for the environment and generating a positive impact on the community. This was demonstrated by planting trees along the industrial road that runs around the company in collaboration with the Municipal Government of El Salto where TRMX is located.

On September 29, 2022, with the enthusiastic participation of TRMX employees, 27 trees were planted in the median of the road near the company after taking all the necessary safety measures. This activity not only improved the view of the place, but also contributed to reforestation, which is vital for our ecosystem. Deforestation is the second cause of climate change in the world. Trees stabilize the air temperature of an area and its surroundings, improves infiltration, and keeps water levels and quality stable.

The employees were very happy to participate in this activity. They know that we are all responsible for caring for the environment and are proud of belonging to a company that values environmental preservation and actively promotes and participates in this type of events.

Employees planting trees

Participants of the event