29th TTSF Presentation Ceremony

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Apr. 20, 2023

Thailand Toray Science Foundation (TTSF)


The TTSF Presentation Ceremony was held on March 10, 2023 at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Seventy people participated in the event and Toray President Akihiro Nikkaku, Honorary Chairman of TTSF, attended it for the first time in four years.

Following the presentation of a report on the foundation’s activities by Dr. Yongyuth Yuthavong, Chairman of TTSF, awards were presented to the winners. This year, one researcher and one institute received the Science and Technology Award, while 20 researchers were granted with the Science and Technology Research Grants, and seven teachers received Science Education Awards for excellence in their science education at junior and senior high schools. Subsequently, three of the recipients presented video reports on the research for which they received the awards. In her speech on behalf of the winners, Dr. Alissara Reungsang of Khon Kaen University, who won the Science and Technology Award, said that commendation and research grant from TTSF is considered prestigious and widely known among researchers in Thailand. She expressed her determination to pursue higher research outcomes as she feels the pride as a researcher and encouragement from the award, and it turned out to be a ceremony filled with joy.

In his speech, Nikkaku congratulated the award winners and said that TTSF would continue to support Thailand’s promotion of science and technology through its activities and contribute to the development of the country. He also said that the foundation would like to work together with the people of Thailand for realization of a sustainable society.

General Surayud (left), who presided over the ceremony, presenting awards

Nikkaku addressing the gathering
Mr. Kazuya Nashida, Ambassador of Japan to Thailand who attended the ceremony as a guest, said in his speech that he was impressed by TTSF’s initiatives over 29 years. In conclusion, General Surayud Chulanont, President of the Privy Council of Thailand, the guest of honor who presided over the ceremony, expressed his deep gratitude to Toray Group’s business in Thailand over a long period of time and TTSF’s contribution to the development of science and technology in the country.

Nikkaku delivering a congratulatory message

A photo with the winners of the Science and Technology Award.
Front row, from left: Nikkaku, Ambassador Nashida, General Surayud, Dr. Yongyuth,
Dr. Yodhathai Thebtaranonth, Chairman of TTSF Science and Technology Award Committee