Plant-based Synthetic Fiber

Ecodear® is a integrated brand of materials and products made from biomass-based polymers. Toray is expanding its use of plant-based synthetic fibers, such as PET, PTT, N610, and PLA, on a global scale.
Ecodear® PET is a plant-based polyester fiber created through polymerization and melt spinning of plant-derived ethylene glycol, extracted from sugarcane (saccharum officinarum) molasses, and petrolium-derived terephthalic acid. It conforms with Green Public Procurement (green purchasing) standards for plant-based synthetic fibers, as well as being an ISO14024 type 1 environmental label (ecomark) certified product.
With its biodegradable qualities, Ecodear® PLA is seeing wide use in a range of everyday, engineering and agricultural applications, and has also been adopted in desert greening.