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Products sewn overseas

Products sewn overseas

Toray International, Inc. is a one-stop provider of material services, developing materials and planning/producing clothings in close coordination with the Toray Group companies in Japan and abroad.

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Down jacket

olyester Fiber

Since its production began in 1958, TORAY TETORON's excellent properties, including its ideal volume and easy-care nature, have contributed significantly to more comfortable clothing. TORAY TETORON is suitable for a wide range of applications, from bedding fiberfill to industrial, construction, and interior material uses including general industrial materials, car seats, and non-woven fabrics.

Sweater, inner wear, denim, socks, etc.

Acrylic Fiber

With excellent bulkiness, colorability, adaptability with other fibers, soft feel and elasticity, TORAYLON is perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications including sweaters, socks, jerseys and other clothes, as well as blankets, mats, and curtains. It is finding increasing use in products in which the following functions are required: pilling-resistance, heat-retention, moistureabsorption, water-repellence, stain-proofing, and antistatic properties.