Packaging material

Polyester Film

Lumirror is the first multifunctional, high-performance polyester film manufactured in Japan using Toray's technologies. Offering a number of excellent properties not available with other films, such as toughness, heat resistance and cold resistance, the film is used in wide range of applications including industrial materials, packing materials and magnetic materials.

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Polypropylene Film

TORAYFAN is a biaxially oriented polypropylene film offering excellent tension and electrical properties, superior resistance to moisture, heat and chemicals, and various other functions like barrier property and adhesion. It is used for film capacitors for hybrid cars, etc., industrial materials such as adhesive tapes, and packaging materials for food, etc.

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Toray Nylon Particulate

Offering smooth surface, unique flexibility and other excellent features, the spherical nylon particulate developed by Toray has been used for many years in the field of cosmetics, especially as a material for color cosmetics.

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Label, beverage can, tube

Photosensitive Resin Letterpress Plate

This printing plate is made of UV-sensitive resin capable of reproducing high quality image. It can be used to print product labels, beer cans, tubes, vouchers, etc.

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