Water Treatment

Water resources are of the utmost importance to human beings and other living things. Toray Group's water-treatment technologies contribute to the purification and use of water all over the world.

Water Treatment Membranes and Modules

Toray RO
Toray RO is a spiral-wound reverse osmosis membrane element used in a wide variety of applications including seawater desalination, ultrapure water production, concentration of foods and wastewater treatment and reuse.
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Toray UF is a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane module with excellent filtration, durability and permeability, and is widely used in drinking water production as well as in the treatment and reuse of sewage and industrial water.
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Toray MBR
Toray MBR is a flatsheet membrane module developed for membrane bioreactors that offers excellent separation performance, durability and permeability, and is used in the treatment and reuse of sewage and industrial wastewater.
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Water Treatment Plants

Seawater Desalination Systems
Toray helps to ensure a safe and reliable water supply by means of its seawater desalination equipment that produces drinking water and water for industrial use using RO membranes.
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