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Creating New Value Using Advanced Materials

In 1926, we started out as a business producing rayon yarn. Since then, we have worked to manufacture basic materials, and have been involved in manufacturing advanced materials and high-value-added products across a range of fields including resins, chemicals, films, carbon fibers and composite materials, electronics and information-related materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, water treatment, and the environment, in addition to our original field of textiles.

Our Businesses History


"Pursuit of the Ultimate Limits," "Integrating Technologies" and "Long-Term Continuity" are key phrases at Toray Group

The source of our innovation is our research and technology development. Materials often cannot be seen in end products, so they do not stand out, but without innovative materials, it is not possible to create an attractive end product. The four core technologies that we have cultivated at Toray are polymer chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. By pursuing the development and integration of these technologies to their utmost limits, new technologies and new materials can be created.

Research and Development
  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry

  • Biotechnology

  • Nanotechnology

Company info

Contributing to Society through the Creation of New Value

Since our establishment in 1926, we have operated on the belief that a company is a public institution that contributes to society through its business. We strive to contribute to the development of society through innovation arising from co-creation with our customers, and through our three core values of contributing to society through business activities, management from a long-term perspective, and people-centric management.

About Us Toray Philosophy

Contributing to society through business activities, Management from a long-term perspective, People-centric management

Basic data (as of the end of March 2022)

  • Established
  • Revenue
    2,228.5billion yen
  • Core operating income
    132.1billion yen
  • Number of employees

Global Operation

We Operate in 29 Countries and Regions Around the World

We operate in 29 countries and regions around the world, including Japan.
By creating high-value-added products in our core manufacturing location of Japan, and developing use applications for them in locations around the world, we achieve a sustainable growth cycle on a global scale.

About Us
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    in which we operate
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    affiliate companies


    116 in Japan and 201 overseas
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*As of the end of March 2022

Towards 2050 (Sustainability Vision)

We have a mission

Our world is currently facing a number of issues, with the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, many countries expecting to face the challenge of an aging population, and environmental issues such as climate change, water shortages and depletion of resources worsening day by day. These issues are all interlinked, and becoming increasingly serious.
The Toray Group's mission is to provide reall solutions to these issues by providing innovative technologies and advanced materials that meet the challenges the world is facing in the areas of development and sustainability, and to achieve our goal of "Four Worlds" by 2050.

  • Net zero emissions
  • Sustainably managed resources
  • Restored natural environment
  • Healthier lives


We are committed to
green innovation
and life innovation

We are engaged in green innovation projects aimed at solving global environmental problems and energy resource problems, and life innovation projects that help people to live long, healthy lives, that improve the quality of medical treatment and reduce the burden on medical sites, and that support human safety.

Green Innovation Website Life Innovation Website
  • Green innovation
  • life innovation