CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports) - Product Quality and Safety

Sites with ISO 9001 Certification

Toray Group has established an appropriate quality management system at each manufacturing site and is working to strengthen its quality assurance system.

Sites with ISO 9001 certification (as of May 2023)

Toray Industries, Inc.: All 13 plants

Shiga, Seta, Ehime, Nagoya, Tokai, Aichi, Okazaki, Mishima, Chiba, Tsuchiura, Gifu, Ishikawa, Nasu

Group companies in Japan: 25 companies

Du Pont-Toray Co., Ltd., Toray Opelontex Co., Ltd., Dow Toray Co., Ltd., DuPont Toray Specialty Materials Kabushiki Kaisha, Toray Construction Co., Ltd., Toray Building Materials Co., Ltd., Toray Engineering Co., Ltd., Toray Precision Co., Ltd., Sowa Textile Co., Ltd., Toray Textiles, Inc., Toray Coatex Co., Ltd., Toray Amtecs Inc., Toray Monofilament Co., Ltd., Toray Hybrid Cord, Inc., Toray Plastics Precision Co., Ltd., Toray PEF Products Inc., Toray Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd., Toray Celanese Co., Ltd., Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd., Toray KP Films Inc., Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd., Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd., Toray Research Center Inc., Toray Techno Co., Ltd.

Group companies outside Japan: 48 companies


Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Toray Fluorofibers (America), Inc., Toray Membrane USA, Inc., Zoltek Companies,Inc


Toray Advanced Textile Mexico, S.A.de C.V.


Toray Textiles Europe Ltd.


Toray Films Europe S.A.S., Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A.


LG Toray Hungary Battery Separator Kft.


Euro Advanced Carbon Fiber Composites GmbH, Greenerity GmbH


Alcantara S.p.A., Composite Materials (Italy) s.r.l., Delta-Tech S.p.A., Delta-Preg S.p.A.

Czech Republic

Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o.


Toray TCAC Holdings B.V.


Toray Industries (India) Private Limited


P.T. Century Textile Industry Tbk, P.T. Easterntex, P.T. Indonesia Toray Synthetics, P.T. Acryl Textile Mills, P.T. Indonesia Synthetic Textile Mills, P.T. Toray Polytech Jakarta


Thai Toray Synthetics Co., Ltd., Toray Textiles (Thailand) Public Company Limited


Penfibre Sdn. Berhad, Penfabric Sdn. Berhad, Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad, Toray BASF PBT Resin Sdn. Berhad

Saudi Arabia

Toray Membrane Middle East LLC


Toray Sakai Weaving & Dyeing (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Toray Fibers (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Toray Polytech (Nantong) Co., Ltd., Toray BlueStar Membrane Co., Ltd., Toray Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd., Toray Plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Toray Plastics (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., Yihua Toray Polyester Film Co., Ltd., Toray Plastics Precision (Zhongshan) Ltd., Toray Film Products (Zhongshan) Ltd., Toray Membrane (Foshan) Co.,Ltd., Toray Fibers & Textiles Research Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd., Toray Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd.

Republic of Korea

Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc., STEMCO, Ltd., Toray Battery Separator Film Korea Limited.


Toray Advanced Film Kaohsiung Co., Ltd.

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