CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports) - Communication

Communication with Employees

Internal Branding

Employees take part in video live stream, Real Talk – Everyone’s Voice.Employees take part in video live stream, “Real Talk – Everyone’s Voice.”

Over the two years between fiscal 2020 and 2021, Toray Group has implemented the Toray Philosophy Project as one of its group-wide projects under the Medium-Term Management Program, Project AP-G 2022. The Group has gained significant new insights and identified future issues. In order to further instill the Toray Philosophy and encourage every employee to conduct themselves and make decisions in accordance, continued activities designed to instill the philosophy are necessary, and the Group has been expanding informational tools, holding regular events, and working on other measures to involve employees in instilling the management philosophy.
In the general survey for employees on the Toray Philosophy Project, many respondents indicated that, with regard to the organizational culture, there is a need to create an open workplace environment where employees are able to easily demonstrate their desire to take on new challenges. Toray Group continues to work to improve the organizational culture so that it provides a foundation for putting the Toray Philosophy into practice and increases employee motivation.
The Group has specified five guidelines to set the course for internal branding efforts: (1) develop methods of communicating management’s intentions that convey “humanity” and “appeal”; (2) conduct activities that promote mutual understanding between employees at different levels and in different organizations; (3) create external points of contact that motivate employees and generate innovation; (4) instill an understanding internally and externally that Toray corporate activities contribute to solving social issues and help people live better lives; and (5) develop a variety of easily understandable tools to instill the Toray Philosophy among employees. The Group has introduced a new opportunity for open, two-way communication between the management team and employees with one of its new activities, the video live stream, “Real Talk – Everyone’s Voice,” which it introduced in January 2023. In fiscal 2022, the live stream was hosted twice at the head office, and a total of six live streams are planned in fiscal 2023, including live streams to be hosted at plants. These events have elicited many positive comments from employees who say they gained insight into the president, were able to better understand his vision and personality, and enjoyed the free and open atmosphere.
Toray Group will continue to formulate and implement various measures encouraging different avenues for internal communication to ensure that all employees conduct themselves in accordance with the Toray Philosophy and foster an attachment to the Toray Group.

Communication via In-house Magazines and Intranet

Toray Group employs various forms of media such as printed in-house magazines, intranet, and company-wide bulletin boards to provide information on the Group’s management policies and issues, as well as to promote dynamic communication that will strengthen the Toray brand and foster a sense of belonging among Group employees. Messages from the president appear in all of these media. The printed in-house magazine is published in two languages (Japanese and English) to keep employees informed about management and business topics as well as corporate projects.
The Group has launched an intranet called TORAYNAVI in Japanese and English for group companies both in and outside Japan to share timely information.

Toray Group's publications

Circulation of Toray Group's publications

Japanese edition of People in-house magazine :
Around 16,000 copies per issue (published six times per year)
English edition of People in-house magazine :
Around 3,000 copies per issue (published four times per year)
Toray Management magazine for managers :
About 7,000 copies per issue (published four times per year)

Employee Survey

Toray Industries, Inc. regularly conducts an employee attitude survey of Toray Group employees in and outside Japan. The survey is designed to assess employee engagement and motivation, and to gauge the level of progress in implementing the long-term vision and medium-term management program. It is conducted in six languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Korean. The fiscal 2020 survey yielded encouraging results, with many respondents indicating a positive view of Toray and expressing a desire to continue working at Toray Group in the long term. The survey also shed light on issues and highlighted requests from employees. These are relayed to the relevant departments so that they can address them and raise employee satisfaction.
The survey results are used to identify gaps that may exist between employee attitudes and customer assessments from customer satisfaction surveys, and to analyze the level of communication between managers and staff. The results of the employee attitude survey are circulated within the company as feedback and are utilized to make improvements.

Promoting CSR Initiatives in Every Workplace

A special characteristic of Toray Group's approach to corporate social responsibility is its “CSR line activities,” an employee participation system that emphasizes putting CSR into practice on the job. Each workplace implements activities suited to its own circumstances, such as holding discussions on CSR issues.

Facilitating Internal Exchange of Opinions on CSR Issues and Enhancing Awareness

Interviews conducted to exchange opinions within the company (rate of progress)

■Reporting scope
Toray Group
■Target in fiscal 2022

Result in fiscal 2022


CSR web seminarCSR web seminar

Toray Group strives to ensure that social responsibility is firmly rooted in its culture by providing employees with various opportunities.
Since fiscal 2019, the CSR Operations Department of Toray Industries has visited departments as well as group companies worldwide to conduct interviews to exchange opinions. The aims are to ascertain the status of CSR initiatives in each workplace and to instill CSR awareness. The progress rate of the initiative for fiscal 2022 was 68%, falling short of the target of 80% of all targeted departments and group companies to be visited. The rate of progress was affected by the period of time in fiscal 2020 when the department was unable to conduct in-person interviews due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The issues for CSR activity implementation identified during the interviews to exchange opinions will be reflected in Toray Group's CSR promotion measures.
Toray Group communicates CSR information through a variety of internal publications (including the People and Toray Management magazines and an internal CSR newsletter) to help employees understand the necessity of implementing CSR in each workplace. In addition, the Group also strives to increase CSR awareness with an e-learning course covering the fundamentals of CSR, CSR webinars designed to promote understanding and awareness of global environmental issues, and other programs.

Communicating with Employees’ Families

Toray Group organizes workplace tours for employees and their families to help employees’ families get to know more about Toray. The tours at individual business sites and plants involved a variety of different programs.

  • Interactive science experiment class (making stamps) Toray Okazaki Plant 21 people from six familiesInteractive science experiment class (making stamps)
    Toray Okazaki Plant
    21 people from six families
  • Tour of water treatment membrane plant Toray Ehime Plant 26 people from 10 familiesTour of water treatment membrane plant
    Toray Ehime Plant
    26 people from 10 families
  • Group photo Toray Nagoya Plant 49 people from 15 familiesGroup photo
    Toray Nagoya Plant
    49 people from 15 families
  • Touring a film manufacturing site Toray Gifu Plant 10 people from three familiesTouring a film manufacturing site
    Toray Gifu Plant
    10 people from three families
  • Science experiment Toray Ehime Plant 20 people from eight familiesScience experiment
    Toray Ehime Plant
    20 people from eight families
  • Viewing wind turbine blades Toray Seta Plant 23 people from seven familiesViewing wind turbine blades
    Toray Seta Plant
    23 people from seven families
  • Tour of Innovation Plaza Toray Shiga Plant 45 people from 18 familiesTour of Innovation Plaza
    Toray Shiga Plant
    45 people from 18 families

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