Fiscal 2019 CSR Activity Report- Communication

Communication with Employees

Social Initiatives

Communication via In-house Magazines and Intranet

Toray Group employs various forms of media such as printed in-house magazines, intranet, and company-wide bulletin boards to provide information on the Group’s management policies and issues, as well as to promote dynamic communication that will strengthen the Toray brand and foster a sense of belonging among Group employees. Messages from the president appear in all of these media. The printed in-house magazine is published in three languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) to keep employees informed about management and business topics as well as corporate projects. The Group has launched an intranet called TORAYNAVI Lite in Japanese and English for group companies in and outside Japan to share timely information on a global basis.


Circulation of Toray Group's publications

Japanese edition of People in-house magazine:
Around 16,000 copies per issue (published six times per year)
English edition of People in-house magazine:
Around 3,000 copies per issue (published four times per year)
Chinese edition of People in-house magazine:
Around 6,000 copies per issue (published four times per year)
Toray Management magazine for managers:
About 7,000 copies per issue (published four times per year)

Employee Attitude Survey

Toray Industries, Inc. regularly conducts an employee attitude survey to gauge the level of employee engagement, implementation of the medium-term management program, motivation level of employees, and workplace conditions. The employee attitude survey conducted in fiscal 2019 yielded positive results with many respondents indicating they held a favorable view of the Company and found it to be a motivating place to work. The survey results are used to identify gaps that may exist between employee attitudes and customer assessments from customer satisfaction surveys, and analyze the level of communication between managers and staff. The results of the employee attitude survey are circulated within the company as feedback and are utilized to make improvements.
In addition, since fiscal 2018, a similar survey has been conducted in five languages (English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Korean) for employees of group companies outside Japan.

Meetings with Employees and Labor Unions

Number of meetings with employees or labor unions

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