Fiscal 2019 CSR Activity Report - Risk Management

Business Continuity Plan Initiatives


Ensuring Preparedness for Major Earthquakes

Toray Group maintains a business continuity plan (BCP) for the event of a major earthquake, which has been identified as a priority risk to address.
Toray Group’s basic policy when ensuring business continuity in the event of a major earthquake is to meet its social responsibility to continue supplying products. The top priority of the plan is to confirm employees’ safety and prevent any impact on the local community. In addition to striving to prevent the damage from expanding and to prevent any secondary damage, the Group works to continue the supply of key products and to restore business quickly. In line with this, the Group consistently carries out evacuation drills based on a scenario involving an earthquake, systematically renovates plant buildings for better seismic resistance, and devises business continuity plans.

In fiscal 2019, Toray Group companies in and outside Japan created and began administering BCPs for key products selected from each business in accordance with the procedures for developing BCPs for designated key products in the event of an earthquake.
In addition, Toray Group has continued to conduct company-wide drills on setting up an emergency response headquarters since fiscal 2012. Toray Group will continue to strengthen its capacity to respond to earthquakes with training and other measures.