CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports) - Human Rights Promotion and Human Resources Development

Human Rights Activity Report

Human Rights Training

Group companies implementing human rights education and training (%)

■Reporting scope
Toray Group
■Target in fiscal 2020

Result in fiscal 2020


Toray Industries, Inc. holds human rights promotion campaigns annually to help increase awareness and understanding of human rights issues. In fiscal 2020, the campaign focused on the human rights sensitivity of every person, harmony in the workplace, and consideration, interaction, and understanding. Educational pamphlets were handed out to all employees. Through the campaign, the Company communicated to employees that it is important to create a workplace culture that respects the dignity of others, prevents sexual harassment, pregnancy-based harassment, and power harassment, and understands LGBT issues. The Company also sought to deepen understanding in each workplace that global interest in respect for human rights is increasing.
To raise awareness of human rights among employees, the Company holds management training and workplace-based study sessions at Toray Industries' offices and plants. In fiscal 2020, the Human Rights Promotion Section Manager conducted remote training sessions for members of the Human Rights Promotion Committee as part of the human rights awareness campaign. In March 2021, the Company held its annual e-learning program on corporate ethics and legal compliance for human rights targeting all executives and employees (including contracted, part-time, and dispatched employees). A total of 6,849 employees completed the program.
For group companies in Japan, the manager of Toray Industries’ Human Rights Promotion Section held training sessions on human rights for labor managers and members of their staff (58 group companies participated). In addition, the Company provided teaching materials, educational pamphlets and e-learning materials—the same ones used in the human rights promotion activities of Toray Industries. In this way, Toray Industries supported efforts by group companies to promote human rights.
For group companies outside Japan, Toray Industries provided educational materials reflecting the Toray Group Policy for Human Rights, Toray Group’s human rights promotion system and international codes such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Overall, Toray Group promoted education tailored to the conditions of each country or region as it disseminated the Toray Group Policy for Human Rights.

Fiscal 2020 Human Rights Training and Seminar

Type of training Number of sessions Number of participants
Toray Industries, Inc. Training at head office 25 1,334
Training at offices and plants 1,478 13,700
Training at outside company 19 22
Group companies in Japan Training at companies 888 15,613
Training at outside company 99 297
Total amount of time dedicated to training
1,568 hours

Response to Reports and Consultations on Human Rights

The department (person) in charge of the investigation, relevant department (person) involved in the incident, and the internal consultation offices set up at each company of Toray Group worked together to promptly and appropriately respond to the reports and consultations on human rights received by the Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance Helpline.
The number of reports and consultations received, an overview, and the results of the response to them were reported to the Ethics and Compliance Committee, the Human Rights Promotion Committee in Japan, and the Global Human Rights Promotion Committee. Through Toray Group’s human rights education in Japan, we introduced examples of issues reported to employees in a way that makes it impossible to identify the workplace or individuals to promote understanding and alerting to workplace harassment and other issues.

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