CSR Activity Report (CSR Guideline Activity Reports) - Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities

Promoting Life Cycle Management

In addressing global environmental issues, it is vital to consider the entire life cycle of products and services in order to reduce environmental impact while also delivering improved economic and social value. In this respect, Toray Group has been promoting life cycle management for some time. Life cycle management is the basis for Green Innovation products, and the Group has adopted life cycle assessment1 and the Toray Eco-Efficiency Analysis (T-E2A)2 tool and is working to ensure these are employed thoroughly in all of its businesses.
Toray Group also recognizes the importance of product life cycle assessment when it comes to addressing global issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving zero emissions. In an effort to become carbon neutral, the Group will further enhance its assessment implementation and the corresponding promotion system. Moreover, it will actively utilize and promote life cycle assessment in order to help realize a carbon neutral society.

  1. 1 Life cycle assessment is a method for quantitatively assessing the resources that have gone into a product and the impact the product will have on the environment and ecosystems over its life cycle.
  2. 2 T-E2A is an environmental analysis tool developed by Toray Industries, Inc. It produces a map of multiple products plotted along the axes of environmental impact and economic performance, enabling users to select the most environmentally friendly and economical products.
Toray Industries' Life Cycle Management Approach
Toray Industries' Life Cycle Management Approach

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