Four Perspectives of the World as Envisioned by the Toray Group in 2050

Healthier lives

Towards 2050A world where everyone enjoys good health and hygiene

ACTIONSContributing to better medical care and hygiene for people worldwide

Innovative diagnostic technologies and curative medicines are required in both developed and developing countries, but these bring with them the challenges of increased medical costs and an increased burden on healthcare sites. In the 21st century, the most significant challenges facing society are raising the healthcare and public sanitation services required to maintain a healthy and independent way of life, and providing high-quality medical care.

In order to create a world in which all people can live a healthy and hygienic life, Toray will focus on business pursuits that contribute to health and longevity, improve the quality of care, reduce the burden on medical sites, and increase human safety. We will promote the Life Innovation (LI) business expansion project, which aims to promote good health through the use of cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies.



Contributing to better public health by preventing infection, and more

Toray supplies advanced material products such as protective clothing to help secure human health.

Improving the quality of medical care with innovative technologies and advanced materials

Toray supplies DNA microarrays for early diagnosis of diseases and innovative drugs that support people’s health.

Contributing to longevity

Toray manufactures advanced clothing that can monitor biological information and aging assistive products that support longevity and enhance the quality of life.

A Materials World

Synthetic innovation helps translate nature’s greatest narrative: our genes


Our genes are the blueprints of life – and advanced technology is enabling experts to analyze them in dynamic new ways. The result: earlier detection of diseases and a healthier outlook for future generations.

Long-life fabric gains new meaning as wearable tech promotes wellbeing for an aging world


Technologies associated with “performance fabrics” are advancing all the time, meaning a step up in quality of life and health for everyone – from athletes to seniors