The Future

The Future

Goals : A Better World in 2050

  • A net zero emissions world, where greenhouse gas emissions are completely offset by absorption
  • A world where resources are sustainably managed
  • A world with a restored natural environment, with clean water and air for everyone
  • A world where everyone enjoys good health and hygiene

Taking Action : Today's Challenges

  1. ACTION01Accelerating measures to counter climate change
  2. ACTION02Realizing sustainable, recycling-based use of resources and production
  3. ACTION03Providing clean water and air
  4. ACTION04Contributing to better medical care and hygiene for people worldwide

5 Commitments for 2030

Supplying Green Innovation Products


Supply four times more Green Innovation products (products that help to solve issues related to the global environment, resources, and energy).
This will avoid eight times more CO2 emissions in the value chain.※1

Supplying Life Innovation Products


Supply six times more Life Innovation products (products that enhance public health, improve the quality of medical care, and contribute to health maintenance and longevity).

Annual Water Filtration Throughput


Triple the total annual volume of water treated using Toray’s water treatment membranes. ※2

Reducing GHG Emissions

30% Reduction

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in production activities by 30% per unit of sales across the entire Toray Group by introducing renewable energy or taking other initiatives. ※3

Reducing Water Consumption per Unit of Sales

30% Reduction

Reduce water usage in production activities by 30% per unit of sales across the entire Toray Group.

Progress against the Commitments for 2030

  Achieved FY2013 Achieved FY2018 Target FY2030
(Compared to FY2013)
  Compared to FY2013
Green Innovation product sales 463.1 billion yen 786.9 billion yen approx. 1.7 times 4 times
Contribution to CO2 reduction
in value chain
38.45 million tons 162.0 million tons approx. 4.2 times 8 times
Life Innovation product sales 119.6 billion yen 223.0 billion yen approx. 1.9 times 6 times
Contribution to water treatment
(conversion to water volume)
27.23 million tons 46.8 million tons approx. 1.7 times 3 times
Greenhouse gas emission per
unit of sales
0.0337 thousand tons
/billion yen
0.0286 thousand tons
/billion yen
approx. 15 %
30 %
Water usage per unit of sales 1.52 thousand tons
/billion yen
1.17 thousand tons
/billion yen
approx. 23 %
30 %
  1. The baseline year for quantitative targets is fiscal 2013.
  2. ※1For CO2 emissions avoided in the value chain, Toray calculates the CO2 emissions reduced throughout the value chain of products in accordance with the chemical sector guidelines of the Japan Chemical Industry Association, the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), and the World Business Council For Sustainable Development (WBCSD).
  3. ※2Toray calculates water treated with Toray’s water treatment membranes by multiplying the amount of fresh water that its ultrafiltration water treatment membranes can produce per day, including reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF) and membrane separation bioreactors (MBR), by the number of membrane elements sold.
  4. ※3In Japan, Toray works to surpass the reduction target set for the industrial sector by the Japanese government (absolute emissions reduced by 7%), which is based on the Paris Agreement. With the use of renewable energies and other zero emission power sources rising worldwide, the Toray Group aims to employ zero-emission power sources at a rate equivalent to or better than the targets in each country by 2030.