Questions about the Company

Q. What is the origin of the company name?

A. "TO" stands for "TO" of "TOYO" (Japanese for orient or the East), and "RAY" stands for "RAY" of "RAYON". Toray formerly known as Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd., was founded in 1926 as a rayon filament manufacturer. Company name changed to Toray Industries, Inc. in 1970.

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Q. How can I learn about the history of the company?

A. Starting from rayon filament businesses, Toray Group is now a manufacturer of three major synthetic fibers; polyester, nylon and acrylic fiber. Furthermore, the Group has developed a wide range of products such as high-performance films, carbon fiber composite materials, electronics and information related products and others. For more information about our history, please refer to our History web page.

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Q. What kind of products does Toray Group make?

A. Toray Group is primarily involved in manufacturing materials. Our products and materials can be found in various fields. Click here for Our Businesses.

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Q. What is the Corporate Philosophy of Toray Group?

A. "Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products"

Q. What does "Innovation by Chemistry" mean?

A. Our goal is to become "a global top company of advanced materials" through "Innovation" in all the domains of the Group's business activities centering on chemistry. Click here to go to Corporate Brand.

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Q. I would like to know about Toray Group's corporate social responsibility activities.

A. Toray Group places Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) such as "safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation" and "compliance with business ethics, laws and regulations" as priority management issues. For further information, please see the Social Responsibility page.

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Q. What is Toray Group's view on corporate governance?

A. Toray Group's basic approach to corporate governance is clearly positioned within its Corporate Missions, "For our Shareholders: to provide our shareholders with dependable and trustworthy management," as well as in its Corporate Guiding Principles, "obtaining the trust of society and meeting the expectations by acting fairly while maintaining high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility and maintaining transparency in management." This is one of Toray's top priority managerial issues. Click here for Toray's Corporate Governance.

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