Questions about the Management and Operations

Q. I would like to know more about the Business Strategy of Toray Group.

A. Toray Group has formulated a long-term corporate vision in the span of ten years, and in order to realize the goals, we have designed new mid-term business strategies clarifying management issues to be addressed. Please see more explanation on Long-term Corporate Vision, Medium-term Management Program.

Q. In which businesses does Toray operate?

A. Toray Group divides its businesses into five segments of Fibers & Textiles, Performance Chemicals, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Environment & Engineering, and Life Science. Furthermore, please go to To Our Investors.

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Q. I would like to know more about Performance Chemicals businesses.

A. Toray Group conducts its operations in business areas such as resins, chemicals, films and electronic & information materials, and includes products such as resin compounds for automotive applications, lithium-ion secondary battery separator films, and OLED related materials. Please find more information in Performance Chemicals.

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Q. I would like to know more about carbon fiber businesses.

A. Lightweight (1/4 specific gravity of steel) and strong (10 times as strong as steel), carbon fibers are widely used in various applications such as aircraft, industrial use including automobile parts, and sporting applications, etc. Toray started full-scale commercial production of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fibers in 1971 and has grown to be world number one carbon fiber manufacturer. Click here for more information about Carbon Fiber Composite Materials.

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Q. Which area does Toray intend to allocate its capital expenditures in the future?

A. Toray Group categorizes its Fibers & Textiles and a part of Performance Chemicals businesses as "Core Growth Driving Businesses," most part of Performance Chemicals and Carbon Fiber Composite Materials as "Strategically Expanding Businesses," while Environment & Engineering and Life Science are grouped as "Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses." Strategically expanding businesses are drivers of revenue and profit growth over the medium and long term by focusing allocation of management resources in growth business fields. At the same time, Toray plans to develop and expand the intensively developing and expanding businesses as the next drivers of revenue and profit growth through priority allocation of management resources. Over the three-year period from fiscal year 2017, we plan to make total capital investment of around 500 billion yen. 60% of this amount will be allocated to areas targeted for growth and expansion, and 60% to overseas.

Q. What kind of research and development does Toray Group do?

A. Toray Group has focused on technological innovation through integration of technologies based on its core technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology. In recent years, Toray has developed various advanced materials with the addition of nanotechnology as a new core technology. For more information, please go to R&D.

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Q. How much does Toray Group invest in R&D?

A. Toray plans to invest 220 billion yen of R&D expenses in three years from fiscal year 2017. Click R&D for more information.

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