• Materials change our lives.

Materials change our lives.

We will be the change.
For a world with a circular economy.
For a world with less CO2 emissions.
For a world with clean water and air for all.
For a world where more people can enjoy good health.

Materials will be the change.
The starting point for all things,
Materials have the power
To fundamentally change our everyday life.

We will take head-on, today and every day,
The challenge the world faces,
To balance development and sustainability.

And we will go beyond
Anything that the world can imagine.
With the passion and technology
In pursuit of the ultimate potential,
And with the power of the material
That is born from our endeavors.

Change the norm of fibers

Toray’s fiber character wears a robe manufactured with high-quality fibers made from plastic bottles and plant-derived materials. The robe flutters with its dance steps, which evoke the steps Toray takes every day toward a circular economy.

About recycled fiberAbout plant-based synthetic fiber

Change the notion of strength and lightness

Our carbon-fiber character’s body is one of incredible strength and incomparable lightness. Carbon fiber reduces the weight of airplanes and many other objects that require extraordinary strength; the character leaps higher than anyone else, symbolizing Toray’s goal of realizing a society with reduced CO2 emissions.

About carbon fiber

Change the future of cars

The luminous body of this character symbolizes the bright future of cars. The next generation of eco-friendly vehicles will evolve by the incorporating of various automotive materials that contribute to weight reduction, safety, and comfort, including materials that enable electrification, such as electronic components and batteries that power leading-edge designs.

About automotive materials

Change the medical field

Toray’s life innovations are symbolized by the double-helix body. This character is at the forefront of medical and healthcare innovations and is responsible for the developing of such products as DNA chips utilized for early diagnosis and breakthrough pharmaceuticals.

About medical devices & bio tools

Change the air of the world

Our non-woven microfiber air filter character has the power to absorb dirt from the air. The character dances joyously around the world, producing clean air and helping to create a healthy environment for all society.

About air filters

Change sea water into drinking water

Toray’s water treatment membranes with technologically advanced filtration can desalinate seawater. This character has the power to produce clean water and symbolizes Toray’s solution to the problem for humanity of water shortage and its environmental impact.

About water treatment membranes

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