• Essential Materials

Essential Materials

A multi-part series, produced in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal, featuring in-depth interviews with Toray senior management personnel discussing the people and partnerships behind Toray innovation and the company’s efforts to create a better future.

Written by The Wall Street Journal Custom Studios, 2020-2021

#1 A View from the Top of the Materials World

For nearly a century, Toray has believed in the power of materials to change the world. Akihiro Nikkaku, Toray’s Global CEO, speaks about the “Toray way” of human-centered innovation.

#2 Inventing the Future through Innovation and Teamwork

Unique research and development strategies enable Toray to create some of the world’s most remarkable materials. Koichi Abe, Toray’s Executive Vice President and CTO, speaks about curiosity-driven research, pursuit of ultimate limits and other secrets to forging groundbreaking, life-enhancing solutions.

#3 Building Partnerships with Shared Values and Insights

When it comes to being a global innovator, no company can succeed alone. Toray Executive Vice President Mitsuo Ohya speaks about the value of nurturing creative partnerships and embracing diverse perspectives.

#4 How to Inspire Team Spirit

Enterprises thrive on the collective effort of teams that nurture individual talent. Mike Brandmeier, President and CEO of Toray Plastics (America), Inc., speaks about building team spirit based on values that resonate across the Pacific Ocean.

#5 The Value of Developing Cultural Bridges in Business

Since it was founded in Japan in 1926, Toray has placed great emphasis on understanding and respecting the cultural differences of its customers and employees. Mr. Gao Zhiwen, Director of the Board & Vice President, Toray Industries (China), reflects on what this means for him personally.

#6 The Value of Essential Materials: the People and Partnerships Driving Solutions for Humanity

For nearly a century, Toray has created pioneering materials for health, comfort and sustainability. Along the way, its most precious resource has always been its people.